Agents can send private referral messages to other medical professionals within their MyDoc network. 

  1. Select the Messages tab

  2. Click the compose button

  3. Select Group Patient Referral

  4. Select the group from which you are making the referral 

  5. Select the doctor to whom you want to refer the patient 

  6. Enter the patient details, referral note and optionally attach files

  7. Indicate that the patient has consented for their data to be shared

  8. Press the Create Referral button

What happens next?

The receiving doctor will receive a notification that you have sent him a referral and the conversation "Patient referral: [patient name]" will appear in the Messages tab containing all of the referral details. 

Further messages and attachments can be shared in this conversation by both parties. 

The doctor may respond by message in the conversation or by generating a PDF report which can be downloaded and printed. 

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