Schedule a video consultation

  1. In a current conversation, select the calendar icon in the message toolbar

  2. If there is more than one medical professional in the conversation select the person you wish to video call with.

  3. Choose a time slot to request a video call at that time. 

What happens after you schedule a video consult? 

  1. The medical professional will be notified of your appointment request

  2. You'll be notified once they have accepted the request

  3. If your medical professional is unable to accept the time slot, you will be notified and can choose a different appointment slot.

View upcoming video calls

Your upcoming video calls and their status can be viewed from the Video Calls tab in the app. 

Enter a video consultation

Please ensure that you have established a good WiFi or 4G connection for the best video and audio experience. In the case of a weak connection, you may switch video off by tapping on the video toggle button.

  1. You will receive an email, push and SMS notification when your healthcare professional is ready for consultation.

  2. Go to the Video Calls tab or directly to the conversation

  3. Click Enter Video Consult

If your medical professional is not yet ready to begin the appointment status will indicate Waiting for Professional. You will receive an SMS notification once your the video call is open. 

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