You should already have created and have admin privileges to the MyDoc group for which you are creating the health screening programme. 

  1. Select the group for which you want to create a health screening programme

  2. Select the Health Screening tab

  3. Enter a name for this programme

  4. Enter the approximate screening start and end dates

  5. Enter an Episode subject. This will be the subject of the conversation which the patient will see in their MyDoc account when they are added to the health screening. For example: ACME Company Screening 2016.

  6. Enter a message. This will be the message sent to the health screening episode when the patient is added to the screening. You should explain what to expect. For example: Welcome to the ACME Company Screening. You'll receive your results here in around two weeks. Once your results are in you can type a message to ask your assigned doctor any questions.

  7. Select the lab profile 

  8. Select Create Health Screening to confirm

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