Agents can refer patients to available professionals attached to active workshifts.

  1. Log in to on web with your credentials 

  2. Go to Patients on the left navigation panel

  3. Select desired patient conversation and select either "Refer a patient" or "Refer a video consult"

  4. A modal displaying a list of professionals will appear 

  5. Professionals currently attached to active workshifts will have a status "On roster shift"

  6. Select desired professional

  7. If referring a video consult, proceed with selecting desired video consult date to arrange the appointment 

  8. Once confirmed, the chosen professional will be notified of the patient referral through a message on MyDoc

Viewing referred video consults

  1. Go to Video calls on the left navigation panel

  2. This tab displays the list of all current video consult appointments

  3. Any changes in video consult appointments will be updated in real-time

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