Please note that only admins are able to create and manage rosters. If you believe you should have admin access, please contact for assistance.

As an agent, you have view-only access to the roster.

Viewing a roster

  1. Log in to with your credentials

  2. Select "Roster" on the left navigation panel. All workshifts created by your group admin will appear on this page. The default view shows all workshifts scheduled for the current week.

  3. Select "Next" to view upcoming workshifts for next week.

  4. Select "Previous" to view past workshifts in the previous week 

  5. Select a workshift to view its details. The professionals shown will be available for patient and video consultation referrals for the timeslots specified by the workshift

  6. Any changes made to the workshifts by the admin will be reflected in real-time on this page

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