Setting your availability status

  • As an agent, you can set your availability status to available/unavailable via a toggle switch in the web app.

  • If the toggle is switched to an available status, you will be able to receive incoming patient conversationsPlease note that incoming patient conversations will be randomly assigned across all available agents 

Accessing my assigned patients 

  • Select Patients

  • Select Minethis is where you can view all patient conversations that have been assigned to you

  • Select any patient conversation to start communicating 

Assigning patient conversations to me 

  • Select All to view all patient conversations 

  • Select a patient conversation

  • Select Assign to me in the dropdown menu

  • Please note that this option is disabled if you are already the assigned agent

  • This conversation will be assigned to you and added to your list of assigned conversations which you can view by selecting Mine againEvery agent can re-assign any conversation to another agent by clicking "Assign to Agent". However, only one agent can be assigned at any time

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